Plastic and sheet metal trays and bottle openers

Plastic Trays

with antislip lining and without

Standard barman’s trays

standard barman's trays

D=320 mm, h-42 mm, smooth bottom, ANTI-SLIP layer, possibility of printed design on a side, as well as on the bottom from 1 color to CMYK

WAITER’S PLASTIC TRAYS – striped bottom eight-angled waiter’s tray oval waiter’s tray lunch waiter’s tray
WAITER'S PLASTIC TRAYS - striped bottom eight-angled waiter's tray oval waiter's tray lunch waiter's tray
D=290 mm, h-35 mm, striped bottom D=360 mm, smooth bottom 325 mm x 280 mm, smooth bottom, possibility of printed design on the bottom 530 mm x 300 mm

Metal Trays

Promotion! Promotion!
TACE metalowe TACE metalowe z wysokim rantem
Sheet metal tray-1
D=355/310 mm, h-40, smooth bottom
Sheet metal tray-2
D=320 mm, h-57, smooth bottom

Bottle openers with overprints

Bottle-openers Bottle-openers Bottle-openers
Pl/TR 2271 standard Pl 7523 KPL-69 72
Bottle-openers Bottle-openers Bottle-openers
PL-2269 PL-2274 Pl 4270

We offer: waiter’s, barman’s trays, Custom Bar Trays, advertising, company trays, Non Slip Bar trays for gastronomy, serving trays with advertising overprints, metal, plastic trays ADVERTISING TRAYS, COMPANY TRAYS: PLASTIC TRAYS are made of polystyrene,METAL TRAYS, TIN TRAYS of special deep pressed steel sheet. TRAYS FOR GASTRONOMY may be printed on the edge and on the bottom with a full color. WAITER’S TRAYS, BARMAN’S TRAYS can have anti-slip lining on the bottom. PLASTIC TRAYS AND TIN TRAYS are used both in pubs and restaurants. Dimensions of PLASTIC AND TIN TRAYS depend on a tray’s model.

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