Beer and drink glasses

beer glasses beer glasses
IG Glass 5(vol. 0,3-0,5 l) IG Glass 6(vol. 0,2-0,25-03-05 l) IG Glass 7(vol. 0,3-0,5 l) IG Glass 8(vol. 0,3-0,5 l) IG POKAL 9(vol. 0,2-0,25-03-0,4-0,5 l) IG Glass 10(vol. 0,3 -0,5 l) IG KUFEL147(0,2-0,25-03-0,4-0,5 l) IG JOYSTICK 12(vol. 0,2-0,3 l)
beer glasses drink glasses whisky
IG Glass 16(vol. 0,3 -0,4-0,5 l) IG CSILLA 76(vol. 0,3 -0,5 l) IG ISAR 148(vol. 0,3 -0,5 l) IG KUFEL11(vol. 0,4 l) IG HI-FI WHISKY 134(vol. 30 cl) IG GIBRALTAR 144(vol. 29 cl) IG ISLANDE 140(vol. 20-30 cl) IG DUKE 235(vol. 5 cl)
drink glasses drink glasses
IG KRIS 220(vol. 4 cl) IG HANKA 243(vol. 2 cl) IG GRAZIA 244(vol. 2 cl) IG GDAŃSK 219(vol. 5 cl) IG AQUA 132(vol. 28 cl) IG BELLA 241(vol. 4 cl) IG BOLS 218(vol. 3-5 cl) IG BRANDY 228(vol. 2-4 cl)
drink glasses jugs jugs
IG POKAL 4(vol. 0,2-0,25-03-04 l) IG PREMIUM 217(vol. 2 cl) IG ISLANDE 141(vol. 17-23-32-36 cl) IG ABSOLUT 242(vol. 2 cl) IG DIETER 187(vol. 130 cl) IG FLAMENCO 188(vol. 130 cl)

We offer glass goods, such as: Drink Glasses, long cocktail glasses, goblet, beer glasses, drinks glasses, glasses with overprints, jugs, advertising glasses, Martini glasses, Shooter, liquor glasses, juice glasses. Our offer includes glasses, beer glasses and wine glasses available in many versions. Capacity of a glass, beer glass or a wine glass depends on the selected model. Decorated advertising glasses, advertising beer glasses, company glasses, company beer glasses, advertising wine glasses, company wine glasses become a useful gadget advertising your company. We print wine glasses, glasses and beer glasses by top class technologies.

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