Stands for napkins

Stands for napkins Stands for napkins
NO-050 NO-051


rosettes rosette paper rosettes paper rosette
WR10, D=90 mm WR11, D=90 mm WR12, D=90 mm WR13, D=90 mm
rosettes napkin under cups napkins under cups napkins
WR14, D=90 mm TR 20, 150×150 mm TR 21, 150×150 mm TR 21, 150×150 mm

Linen table – cloths

Linen table - cloths

TR 40 430×460 mm

We offer: paper rosettes under cups, Printed napkins under glasses, advetising, company napkins, advertising rosettes with overprints, linen table-cloth, many-layered, dispenser, paper napkins, decorative napkins, stands for napkins. Layer napkins, decorative napkins, paper rosettes, rosettes with printed design, linen tablecloths, napkins with printed design, napkins with logo are applied widely in cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels. Gastronomic napkins help to give appropriate atmosphere for a restaurant. We offer one-layer napkins, multi-layer napkins, as well as linen tablecloths. The offered napkins perfectly absorb fluids. The napkins, in addition to their application as hygienic napkins, are used also as perfect decorative article, e.g. napkins under cups. We offer many styles of napkins. Another kind of napkins offered by our company are advertising napkins, company napkins, advertising rosettes, company rosettes. We print company logo, address, or selected graphics on these napkins and rosettes.

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