Plastic beakers

plastic mugs

Capacity: 0,2 -0,25, 0,30, 0,35, 0,40, 0,45, 0,5 l.

plastic beakers

We offer: plastic mugs, paper mugs, cardboard mugs, paper coffee cups and plastic beer cups, Coffee Mugs, advertasing paper cups, custom paper cups, clear plastic cups, Vending Cups, Cold Cups and Lids

DISPOSABLE MUGS are intended both for hot and cold beverages. We offer paper mugs, plastic mugs, foamed polystyrene mugs, cardboard mugs, disposable mugs with various capacities, plastic cups, disposable beakers, paper beakers, plastic beakers, cardboard beakers, advertising beakers.

PLASTIC MUGS may be used as:

  • mugs for hot beverages,
  • degustation mugs for promoting products,
  • coffee to go paper mugs,
  • plastic and paper mugs for gastronomy, Fast food,
  • plastic mugs for beer,
  • mugs for machines,
  • disposable cocktail mugs,
  • plastic dental mugs with printed design, logo, etc.

We can print for you the company logo, contact data, etc., on each kind of mug. Company mugs, advertising mugs are interesting advertising carrier. Our disposable mugs meet all industry standards.

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