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national flags

We offer NATIONAL FLAGS from the whole World. We adjust dimensions of national flags in proportion to any effective standards. Standard finishing of the national flags is a “tunnel”, at the Customer’s request we can apply karabiners, meshes. Besides national flags, we offer also regional flags, escutcheons, standards, province flags, district flags, commune flags and town flags, flags of organizations and military flags.


flags flags flags
flags flags flags
flags flags flags

We offer also PROVINCE FLAGS, COMMUNE FLAGS AND EARTH FLAGS. We execute Flags in accordance with valid standards. We choose material and finishing for the needs of application and fastening of flags. We provide professional advice and long-term experience in making flags.



COMPANY FLAGS, flags with printed design are a perfect carrier of the external visual advertising and identification of the Company. We adjust dimension of the company flags and finishing to individual needs of the Customer. Company flags with logo are made of flag polyester. We execute orders for advertising flags at already 1 pc. .



Racks for flags

three arm Racks for flags one arm Racks for flags
Three arm One arm

Our offer includes also FLOOR RACKS for national company and flags. Floor racks for flags are usually available in golden or silver color. We can execute floor racks with any number of arms.


desktop flags

DESKTOP FLAGS are small-sized flags that are used to placing on desks, conference tables, reception desks. There is a possibility of execution chromed supports with poles for office flags. The supports may be one-mast or multi-mast.

National streamers Company streamers
National streamers Company streamers

National streamers are made of satin fabrics, edged with decorative string, stiffened with insert of fliseline. Standard dimension 16 x 23 cm. The offer includes also supports under streamers, chromed or powder coated with standard dimension of support diameter of 11 cm and mast height of 42 cm.

Company streamers are made of satin fabrics with a possibility of printed design on streamers on one or two sides. Advertising streamers are made in accordance with the designs agreed with our Clients. There is a possibility to execute company streamers of any size.



NATIONAL EMBLEMS – office with golden, silver or brown frames, determined according to the Customer’s request. Emblem is placed behind a pane. dimension: 36:42 cm

NATIONAL EMBLEMS of PVC, dimension 37 x 42 cm, 44 x 47 cm An emblem made of MDF board and PVC drawpieces, two layers placed on each other cause that the emblem is spatial.


ENAMELLED NATIONAL EMBLEMS, dimensions 40 x50 cm application: outside public administration buildings, schools, etc.

Our Company executes Emblems and Escutcheons of Towns, Regional Escutcheons, as well as Religious Escutcheons. Standard dimension is 30 x 42 cm. Emblems’ frames have a pane.

Escutcheons of Towns Escutcheons of Towns


company banners


Very practical carrier of the external advertising are ADVERTISING BANNERS. We offer banners finished with: meshes or with welded tunnel. We can make banners of banner material, mesh netting. We print smaller advertising banners also on poster paper, self-adhesive foil, directly on PVC. Large format printing is applied also to caissons, then printing is made on special foil for lighting up.

We offer: national flags, advertising flags, custom, ceremonial flag, occasional, pennants, miniature flags, table flags, table flagpole, flagpoles, bat fan, national emblents, bannners

Exhibition of the flag of the Republic of Poland along with other flags.

I. On the whole, according to the binding principle the host flag occupies the honorary place. Hence, the flag of the Republic of Poland takes precedence over all other flags, and in the case of flags of the local government units the flags of the Polish local governments take precedence over flags of foreign territorial units of the same level.

II. II. The flags are placed in accordance with the following hierarchy:
1) Flag of the Republic of Poland.
2) Flag of another state.
3) Province flag.
4) District flag.
5) Commune flag.
6) Flag of the European Union.
7) Flag of a national organization.
8) Flag of an international organization.
9) Service flag (police, town guard, fire brigade, post office, etc.)
10) Company flag (institution, organization, university, school, sports club, etc.)
11) Occasional flag (related to an anniversary or event).

III. In the case of using flags of more than one state, the sequence (after the flag of the Republic of Poland) is set by names of those states in the Polish language.

IV. Regardless whether flags will be placed on masts, or carried at the lead of a procession

Exhibition on vertical masts.

1. One mast is placed in front of the building at the entrance side, which is left for a person looking at the building.

2. Two or more masts can be placed in a straight line along the building facade or perpendicularly to it, on one or on both sides of the lane leading to the main entrance. Three or more masts can be placed in a semicircle, 7 or more masts in a circle. In the centre of a circle one can place the mast intended for the flag of the Republic of Poland.

3. All the masts must have the same height.

4. The distance between masts cannot be smaller than 1/5 of the height of a mast.

5. All the flags must have the same width (height).

6. Width (height) of a flag may not be smaller than 1/6 and greater than 1/4 of the height of a mast.

7. On each mast one can hoist only one flag.

8. If the flag of the Republic of Poland is exhibited next to other flags, it is hoisted on a mast as the first and lowered as the last.

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